June 2013

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fencer_x in tutixnagayan

Guitar Friends Meeting -- Full Report!

Hey guys! Well, if you've been paying attention, Tuti and Nagayan have been meeting up a TON to gear up for their event, and they successfully pulled it off two days ago in a little hole-in-the-wall livehouse that I had the pleasure of attending! If there were ANY doubt in my mind that these two are still as close now as they were years ago, they were BLOWN AWAY by the before-my-eyes evidence that yup, these two are still super good buds and still involved in each other's lives and still CRAZY compatible :3

Read through a full event report here for the gritty, awesome details!

Adding a new tag because there's gonna be more than one of these things and therefore A TAG IS NEEDED!


Oh man, how are they so great? And I can't believe they sang Depend On Me/Juuden Kanryou, omg. Tuti/Nagayan fans are the best XDD I hope they really do have more of these!
Thanks for the report. <3 It sounds like everything was just amazing!
Uhm.. Hi! *waves shyly* . I've been lurking around these two for quite a number of years, but only discovered this community like.. a few weeks ago, and have been reading all kinds of hillarious fangirly things here (instead of writing important exam-thingy..) and I think I've finally mustered up the courage to make my presence known, though I'm fearing the fandom slowly dying out? No such thing is happening, right? Because I'm right here, riding the wave, guys! I don't think there is any other pairing that can make me instantly giddy like this one. It just might be my OTP.. combined with Ichimaru/Hitsugaya, but really, two sides of a coin, right?
I've been reading the recaps for each year on their anniversary of meeting (what an awesome thing to latch onto!!.) But after year 2009 I can't find any! Is it because there haven't been written any more of those ingenius things, or because I'm going blind?
Generally, I just wanted to cheer you awesome people on, everyone writing, drawing, translating, fangirling! I can't really understand Japanese, so all the translations and stuff just makes my little fangirl-heart sing! (I never thought I'd have one, but Nagayan and Tuti made me grow one!!!)
Can I join your little club? Pwease? I will bring cake?
*waves* Welcome! It's definitely a little quieter than it has been in the past, mostly because there's nothing consistent keeping them together anymore like TeniMyu or BuriMyu, so lots of people might not check back as often, but there are a bunch of us still hanging around ;)

As for the anniversary essays, they're all under the Anniversary tag! Through year 8, last year; this June 30 will mark 9 years, and I expect to write another one which will probably mostly be about this awesome event XD Hope that helps!