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Tiny Tiny Court

Two things!

Two little events in the TxN world you might have missed recently:

1) Nagayan and Miki went to see Tuti's recent musical Dream High a couple of weeks ago! Nagayan shared a couple of shots here, Tuti here, and Miki delivered this thing of beauty.

2) July 29 was Tuti's event Night in Tsuchiya, a weird quirky solo event he's been holding. Given that weird and quirky is super fun with Nagayan but just kind of awkward and boring with Tuti, I chose not to go this time (I've been to one before...I didn't miss much XD;), but it seems during the talk portion, Tuti had asked some friends to write a poem about him, which he subsequently read to the audience. Those friends? Moriyama Eiji, Sano Daiki...and Nagayama Takashi.

Nagayan, though, being Nagayan, went above and beyond the call of duty and apparently wrote two poems, which were acrostics using the kana for Tuti's name (つちやゆういち) and included a lot of actually kind of praising/complimenting language according to audience members :3

Eiji and Daiki I can understand, since they're *pnish* members with Tuti, but...why Nagayan and not Wasshi??? Makes you wonder~ :D

He was asked by some audience members, also, when the next Gutiar Friends Meeting would be, but only answered, "Soon!" -- cross your fingers!
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