June 2013

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Guitar Friends Meeting video!

It's been a while! For those of you who've missed my reports on tumblr, Tuti and Nagayan just completed their fourth Guitar Friends Meeting and have celebrated this time by releasing a video of them singing an original song written by Nagayan!

If they get 10,000 views, they'll release a CD--so tell your friends to CLICK CLICK CLICK!! Let's make their 10th anniversary really count!


Uwah~ Can't wait to listen when I get home from work.

Nice to see something in the community!
I saw this via Tuti's Twitter yesterday and was grinning madly! :D. I knew they'd done more than one Guitar with friends, but 4... And the. To see "10th Anniversary..." Wow!
I've just listened to this about 20 times in a row. And will continue until we get to 10K! :D

I love Nagayan's shorts though. And his crossed legs. And his adorable little wave to the camera at the end. ♥

AND MAN. TEN YEARS?!?! That's insane. And awesome. *__*
Oh my gosh, they're so into it XD (And so into each other, yes~) Seeing the explosion of pictures of the two of them on their blogs last week was so great~ I just wish they'd have one of these on a weekend now... It'd be awesome if they made a CD, though!
Thanks for the update. I'm click-click-clicking away. =) because I really shouldn't only be listening to UtaPuri music nonstop

I love the laid-back mood. *____* They just seem to be having so much fun!

And 10 years. I guess it really has been that long... @.@ Yay to Tenimyu for bringing fangirls joy for the last decade!