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::Crazy Love::

Tsuchiya Yuuichi x Nagayama Takashi

TutixNagayan Community
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Community Info

This community celebrates and explores the relationship between Tsuchiya Yuuichi and Nagayama Takashi. The community is yaoi- and rps-friendly, and welcomes open-minded individuals and fans of these two fine performers.

Please direct any questions about the community to analineblue or fencer_x.


Failure to comply with any of these listed rules may result in deletion of posts, and/or banning from the community.

No off-topic posting.

Please be respectful! There is zero tolerance for arguments or comments that disrupt the peaceful and loving flow of this community. Debates are welcome, but they need to stay on friendly terms.

Do not post tests, memes, chain letters, or anything of that nature. That is what your personal journal is for.

All adult material(18+) must be placed under an LJ-cut, and also friends-locked as per Livejournal's Terms of Service.

Friends-lock all media posts (or requests for media of any kind); this includes pictures (including icons and blog images), scans, audio, mp3s, videos, etc. (or requests for any of these).

Please use the proper Posting Format when submitting art or fiction (described below), and please label your warnings clearly! Here are the guidelines:

Worksafe: Chaste kisses, light touching, snuggling, etc
Not worksafe: Nudity, sexual activity, foul language, etc.
Additional warnings: Yaoi, Hentai, BDSM, rape, original character, spoilers, death, etc.

Selling Posts: Selling Tuti, Nagayan or TxN-related goods is fine, but please either list just the community-related items in your post, or link to the appropriate items in your own LJ, if they’re part of a longer for-sale list.

Posting Format

Please place this before you make your lj-cut.

Title: (optional)
Link: (optional)
Warnings/Rating: (worksafe/not worksafe, etc.)
Pairing(s): (optional)
Notes: (optional)

Useful Links

LJ Communities:

oh_tuti (*pnish*, Tuti, Nagayan, Isaka Tatsuya)
thats_my_line (TeniMyu rehearsal diaries, Souta, Naoya, Kimeru, some *pnish*)
say_it_again (Nagayan, Souta, Naoya, Kimeru [all old])
OneStepBack (all old *pnish*/ShiroxKuro, Nagayan, 1st cast TeniMyu)

Tsuchiya Yuuichi's Blog (Japanese)
Nagayama Takashi's Blog (Japanese)
*pnish* Official Website (Japanese)
Nagayama Takashi Homepage (Japanese)
GAIN Website (Nagayan's clothing line) (Japanese)
Nagayama Takashi Fanclub (Japanese)
Official TeniMyu Site (Japanese)
Official BuriMyu Site (Japanese)
ChickLit @ Strawberry Wine (Tenimyu/Burimyu/*pnish* Fanfiction Archive)
Blog @ Strawberry Wine (event reports)

Any additional link suggestions are welcome!

You can view the community's current tags here.

You can check out Golden Memories: A TutixNagayan Anthology here:


This community is in no way affiliated personally with Tsuchiya Yuuichi or Nagayama Takashi, or recognized by their respective managers or companies.

Credit for the banner image and current layout goes to fencer_x. (Layout theme was made by gossymer and can be found here.) ♥

Tuti and Nagayan are Golden Pair Love

Tuti x Nagayan is 7 years' friendship