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Guitar Friends LIVE on Periscope

Well, it's been five years now since Tuti and Nagayan started their Guitar Friends shenanigans, and if you thought they'd be done by now--YOU'D BE WRONG, CAUSE THEY'RE CLEARLY JUST GETTING STARTED.

Guitar Tomo no Kai seems to have decided to start periscoping (though it may be a one-off?? We’ll see…) and will be performing for about 10 minutes at 10 PM Tokyo time on Saturday, September 9.

View the boys in all their glory HERE when the time comes! That's in just over 24 hours from the time I'm posting this.

Check the conversion for time zones to be sure you don’t miss them! This is the first time you’ll be able to see them LIVE outside of Japan :D

It's not quite clear yet if this will be the only time they do this, or if this is perhaps a test run, and if all goes well, they'll do it more often. I'm honestly a bit confused as to why they're doing this, as from what I understand, there's no money to be made from Periscope? It's just a way to livestream video? The mini-concerts and talk events and readings they've held have all been pay-to-attend, though very reasonably priced, so it seemed like they were having fun and found a way to make some money doing it--but perhaps they're starting to branch out? If so, VERY exciting, so I hope this community isn't too dead to appreciate the fact that almost FIFTEEN YEARS later, Tuti and Nagayan are not only still hanging out, they're hanging out now more than EVER before, writing songs together (and duets at that!) and performing on a livestreaming service so fans around the world can see them.

What a time to be alive!! :P

And just food for thought: Tuti has performed more often with Nagayan in the past 9 months than in the past five years with *pnish*. How crazy is that??
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Tuti and Nagayan :: Year Ten

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here at last! Year 10--ten years to the day since Tuti and Nagayan met for the first time. Today, 10 years ago, they were strangers who happened to click when they first met in a run-down rehearsal hall in Nakano, and now...well, I think it’s pretty obvious!

But I’m getting ahead of myself--let’s track back to review what’s happened to our boys over the past year!

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Guitar Friends Meeting video!

It's been a while! For those of you who've missed my reports on tumblr, Tuti and Nagayan just completed their fourth Guitar Friends Meeting and have celebrated this time by releasing a video of them singing an original song written by Nagayan!

If they get 10,000 views, they'll release a CD--so tell your friends to CLICK CLICK CLICK!! Let's make their 10th anniversary really count!
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Two things!

Two little events in the TxN world you might have missed recently:

1) Nagayan and Miki went to see Tuti's recent musical Dream High a couple of weeks ago! Nagayan shared a couple of shots here, Tuti here, and Miki delivered this thing of beauty.

2) July 29 was Tuti's event Night in Tsuchiya, a weird quirky solo event he's been holding. Given that weird and quirky is super fun with Nagayan but just kind of awkward and boring with Tuti, I chose not to go this time (I've been to one before...I didn't miss much XD;), but it seems during the talk portion, Tuti had asked some friends to write a poem about him, which he subsequently read to the audience. Those friends? Moriyama Eiji, Sano Daiki...and Nagayama Takashi.

Nagayan, though, being Nagayan, went above and beyond the call of duty and apparently wrote two poems, which were acrostics using the kana for Tuti's name (つちやゆういち) and included a lot of actually kind of praising/complimenting language according to audience members :3

Eiji and Daiki I can understand, since they're *pnish* members with Tuti, but...why Nagayan and not Wasshi??? Makes you wonder~ :D

He was asked by some audience members, also, when the next Gutiar Friends Meeting would be, but only answered, "Soon!" -- cross your fingers!
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Guitar Friends Meeting -- Full Report!

Hey guys! Well, if you've been paying attention, Tuti and Nagayan have been meeting up a TON to gear up for their event, and they successfully pulled it off two days ago in a little hole-in-the-wall livehouse that I had the pleasure of attending! If there were ANY doubt in my mind that these two are still as close now as they were years ago, they were BLOWN AWAY by the before-my-eyes evidence that yup, these two are still super good buds and still involved in each other's lives and still CRAZY compatible :3

Read through a full event report here for the gritty, awesome details!

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