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Customisable Fridge Magnets!

You might remember me selling some Tuti and Nagayan fridge magnets... well, now you can buy them with women's clothes! Tuti wears his *pnish* Chinese dress and Nagayan his ON/OFF kimono... see behind the cut!

They are made from high gloss expensive magnet paper, and will sit easily on your fridge, whiteboard or any other magnetic surface!



Cost: $20 for one individual option
Cutting, shipping & packing: $6

There are three options that you can purchase-

1 - Nagayan, with his complete original clothing set (not including kimono etc)
2 - Tuti, with his complete original clothing set (not including chinese dress etc)
3 - Tuti and Nagayan, with three outfits & props of your choice


4 - You can also purchase both Tuti and Nagayan's female outfits with poster & Kansai love magic heart for $5 extra.
You could also incorporate these costumes into option 3.

Click to see an enlarged version

Click to see an enlarged version


Click to see an enlarged version
Click to see Tuti's full set of clothes
Click to see Nagayan's full set of clothes


NEW: Female clothes~! As Authentic as I could make them. <3

These magnets are printed at high quality on magnetic paper. The high cost of the shipping is to cover the process of cutting the magnets - the hair is especially fine and I use an artists scalpel.

If you would like to cut your own magnets out from the sheet, then the cost of shipping will only be $2.

How to purchase

I accept paypal and international money order. I am located in Melbourne, Australia.
Email me, sarah_jane_smith [at] with your order. Copy and paste this information-

How you will pay / your paypal address:
If you want to cut them yourself (shipping only $2):
Which option you are choosing to purchase, and how many:

If you have chosen option 3, list which outfits you would like-

hair 1:
top 1:
pants 1:
shoes 1:
hair 2:
top 2:
pants 2:
shoes 2:
hair 3:
top 3:
pants 3:
shoes 3:

Please note that a hat also counts as hair, and that Tuti & Nagayan come bald. :D So you'll want to buy at least one hair!
Also, one single Bleach outfit counts as both a top and pants.

After I recieve your email, I will reply confirming price and payment. If you gave a paypal address, I will send an invoice to you. I will send out your magnets as soon as I recieve payment. I will send the magnets in a padded bag, airmail (no insurance). If you would like a different postal service please let me know.

You can see sales feedback that I have recieved
here and here

Last time I mentioned that I plan to do more myuboys in the future, or even some of the boys from Prince of Tennis... I'd still like to hear your suggestions!

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