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Tuti and Nagayan :: Year Nine

It's been a slow year with a last-minute burst of activity right at the end, but Year Nine has come to a close! Let's look back on what happened in the past 365 days…

Year Nine - June 30, 2011 to June 29, 2012

The one that trumps the year with “The Greatest Event in Tuti/Nagayan History”

Year Nine started with a bang--as *pnish* celebrated their 10th anniversary in the hot, humid boiler room known as Shibuya O-East with HappyPani 10, attended by their nearest and dearest which of course included Nagayan! He popped into the uchiage afterward and graced the interwebs with this image, and all was good.

A few months later, famed Kurosaki Ichigo cosplayer and full-time Tuti fanboy Isaka Tatsuya up and moved apartments--and that meant it was time for 引っ越し祝い! Gotta celebrate while you can! In the afternoon (while Nagayan was at rehearsals), Tuti and Tacchan camped in Yoyogi Park and pretended to be on a date while they boozed it up just the two of them, but when night fell, Nagayan was sure to join them!

By October, *pnish* were in full rehearsal mode themselves for their latest honkouen, Travel Mode, and of course Nagayan made sure to drop in and check it out himself (notably the night before our little November 4 holiday ;D)!

From there, everything seemed to take on a quiet lull--nothing in December, nor January. Not a peep in February for Tuti's birthday, and March much the same.

Then came April.

It started slow first, not really pinging any radars. On April 5, Tuti and Nagayan decided to hang out for drinks. This wasn't so huge a deal--they've done so on several occasions before and need no excuse to toss back a beer or seven with a friend--and even when Tuti posted his own glimpse of the evening a few days later, it was just a moment of, "Aah, it's great they still hang out occasionally!" and we mostly put it from our minds.

But then they did it again only a couple of weeks later: April 21, Nagayan posted another picture of an obviously different drinking excursion with Tuti, with no rhyme or reason or explanation behind it, and we were tickled pink but still not so terribly intrigued. Maybe they just had some time on their hands, maybe schedules had matched up enough that they had reason to hang out more these past few weeks. Maybe it was just a bout of nostalgia.

Or maybe they were planning an event together (DING DING DING DING DING)

Two days later, on April 23, Tuti posted the announcement on his blog of the formation of the Guitar Friends' Association, a name that hearkened back to the days of BuriMyu--specifically, February 28, 2010--when Nagayan coined the phrase to describe his starting to seriously practice guitar, spurred on by Tuti's guitalele performances around the rehearsal hall and dressing rooms.

This was to be not only a solo event, but a multiple performances event, volume 1 set to be held one month thence and at reasonable intervals thereafter.

It wound up being exactly as amazing as it sounds. Read the full report of the performance here, and remind yourself that this is what these two men still do together, of their own volition, because they like working with one another, nine years after their first meeting in the rehearsal halls of Nakano.

May 21 came, and then went in a blaze of glory, a huge success. They gave us TeniMyu songs, they gave us BuriMyu songs, they gave us them goofing off and flirting like teenagers, they gave us them, and that was about all anyone could ask for--and then they gave us a promise to do it all again

It's amazing how after all this time, in a line of work where you don't always get to stay close with those whom you'd like to, where a friendship lasting 9 months is as rare as one lasting 9 years, let alone one where every single year of those nine is filled with amazing huge opportunities to work together and grow closer, and it's a privilege to get to see it all up-close-and-personal.

Next year is Year Ten, guys. Impress us once more :)
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